Activities in Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum area can be explored through a wide variety of activities, guaranteeing to satisfy each visitor's expectations.


The impressive sandstone mountains located from around the village to deep in the desert provide a formidable playground for climbers. The wonderfully shaped rocks often reached by a hike through deep canyons makes every climb in Wadi Rum a unique and unforgettable adventurous experience.

Confirmed climbers can discover the cliffs by themselves with the help of Tony Howard's guidebook which describes the vast majority of Wadi Rum's routes. Less experienced explorers have the possibility to hire a climbing guide for their projects.


A large number of hikes are possible, from gentle family walks to day long tours in remote places. Some hikes are starting from the village while others require a car to join the starting point in the desert. It is possible to hire a local guide to spare the trouble of preparing the hike and be sure not to miss any point of interest.

Sleeping in the desert

A night under the desert sky is a must have experience when visiting Wadi Rum. Visitors can use their own tent or sleep in a fully equipped Bedouin tent. A 4WD taxi service is available to travel to the camping place and tea, food and water are provided.

Camel riding

Travel the desert in the traditional way by riding a camel.

Hot air balloon

Discover Wadi Rum from the sky in a hot air balloon.